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What we do ?

We are here to show you which investment platforms are working for us and which ones you should avoid !

We Test & Invest

We test and make sure each platform is paying before sharing it with you. It doesn't mean they will pay forever... Invest only what you can afford to loose. We just believe that some of them are more legits than others and more stable for long term investment.

We make profits

We will show you on different post how it goes on our investment. You will be able to see proofs of our withdraw with hash links and screenshots. Some of our investments are growing fast and we will surely get our money back very shortly ! Check our investment Page.

We help you start

We are here to guide you. We need new referals to grow as well. We also offer Bitcoins rewards directly in your wallet to make your first deposit ! See the Rewards Page to know more about it ! You can start investing bitcoins for free with a few simple steps !

Who are we ?

Hi people ! I'm Neo and i will be your host on our new website ! Me and my affiliates are waiting for you to join our team of investors around the wolrd. I have started investing on MMP since July 6 2020 and i'm going to share this experience with you today. Join our Telegram group or Facebook page. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions. This is the first version of MyBitcoinsProfits.com, more updates are coming soon :)

Latest News

Stay tune on our latest post we publish !

We are OPEN !

Welcome everyone to Mybitcoinsprofits.com ! We are happy to announce the official launch of our website now !

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